6.英文介绍烟台旅游景点 山东著名景点英文介绍



The city of Jining lies in the southwest of Shandong Province. It has under its 12 counties, districts and the city proper, covering an area of 1,1000 square kilometres.

Jining enjoys favorable weather and the four distictive seasons, namely spring, summer, autumn and wiinter. It is one of the four major national coal production bases in China.

With a civilation dating from 7,000 years ago, Jining has, since ancient times, enjoyed the reputation of "The home of Confucius and Mencius" or "The land of etiquette". As is known to all, Confucius was born in Jining during the Spring and Warring States Period in the Chinese history.


Confucius Family Mansion 孔府

Confucius Forest 孔林

Confucius Temple 孔庙

Mencius Family Mansion 孟府

Mencius Temple 孟庙Xinglong Tower 兴隆塔Weishan Lake 微山湖the Grand Canal 大运河....够了不

济宁的一些旅游景点用英语怎么说 帮忙用英语描述一下有关济宁的景点

Confucius Family Mansion 孔府Confucius Forest 孔林Confucius Temple 孔庙Mencius Family Mansion 孟府Mencius Temple 孟庙Xinglong Tower 兴隆塔Weishan Lake 微山湖the Grand Canal 大运河.够了不?...

英语作文 介绍济宁


Ji'ning,lies in the SouthWest of Shandong province of China,is my hometown.Even in those ancient times,it had enjoyed a high-level of civilization and was praised as "a second SuZhou","the homeland for Kongzi and Menzi" and "a county of decorum".


Here in Ji'ning,there is an agreeable weather and four distinct seasons through the whole year.And also,numerous scenic spots around this place and I am willing to use this oppotunity to express my expectation to your coming.Not only do we have a beautiful natural landscape,the habitants live here also are of good qualities.(这里不是高质量,是高品质,高人格)


Please allow me to introduce my hometown,Ji'ning,to all of you.In ancient Chinese,uncountable saints and celebrities played pivotal role in shaping the nation and five of them,Kongzi,Menzi,Yanzi,Zengzi,Sizi,were born here in Ji'ning.The sorrowful,touching love story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu yintai has passed down for thousands of years,moving us Chinese from generation to generation.It is also titled as a Chinese-style "Romeo and Juliet".(梁山伯这里加了点东西,展现了历史文化时间长)

108 heroes in Song Dynasty of ancient China,also known as the biggest anti- group at that time which fought for the freedom of their lives against the oppression of the King(把水浒最简单的说明了一下)


Lost the sense of tranquility?I figure you may regain them after going to the WeiShan lake,and I guarantee you a colorful summer if you go there do a lot of things as fishing,picking the lotus,campfire party,delicious meet from various wild animals.各种野味我不知道怎么翻,这里只能这样说,老外以为我们是专杀野生动物的.劝你放弃这句.


all varieties of snacks are available here,a well-known Chinese saying goes like this,"It is a wise choice to be born in Suzhou,to travel in Hangzhou,to pursue the fashion in Guangzhou and to taste delicious snacks in Ji'ning.you may tell how famous Ji'ning is for its snacks.I love my hometown,my fantastic memories stored there,and hopefully you can pay a visit to this place,I am willing to be your guide.Ji Ning,my hometown,which is located in the southeast of Shan Dong province,is historically known as "little Suzhou north of Yangze River" and "the village of Mencius and Confucius and the state of protocol".The four seasons are previously devided here and the weather is comforting.Cause brilliant scenery and many places of interest exist here,so welcome all the people go sightseeing to my hometown.Besides the beautiful view,the people at my hometown are more beautiful.What`s more,the five most great people that are Confusius,Mencius,Yanzi,Zengzi and Sizi all belong to here.In my homeown,a story of love happened between Liang sanbo and Zhu yingtai,108 worriers rise up at Moutain Liang,many adages of Confusius are inherited by our Chinese,and Wen Shang,the centre of Buddhism,stands still here.


The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is considered to be the only man-made project visible from the moon. Although it was once thought to have been built entirely during the Qin Dynasty between 221 and 208 BC, it is now believed to have been started earlier.

The 15-foot-high, 25-foot-wide, 1,500-mile-long structure was undoubtedly built to keep out invading enemies. To the common people of the empire, who had been forced to build the wall, it was not worth it, however. The wall, and other public works completed by the Qin Dynasty,had caused great losses of wealth and human life in the country. As a result,an angry population rose up in rebellion against the Qin Dynasty,and in 207 BC the Han Dynasty began.

Because of its rich history and magnificent appearance,the Great Wall attracts tourists, scientists, and historians to this day and will continue to do so for generations.







The city of Jining lies in the southwest of Shandong Province. It has under its 12 counties, districts and the city proper, covering an area of 1,1000 square kilometres.

Jining enjoys favorable weather and the four distictive seasons, namely spring, summer, autumn and wiinter. It is one of the four major national coal production bases in China.

With a civilation dating from 7,000 years ago, Jining has, since ancient times, enjoyed the reputation of "The home of Confucius and Mencius" or "The land of etiquette". As is known to all, Confucius was born in Jining during the Spring and Warring States Period in the Chinese history.


Jinan, the 'City of Springs' is popular among tourists for its many springs.

Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, is located in the mid west of Shandong.

What kind of city is Jinan? We can see from its various unique characteristics.

Jinan is a historical city with a history of some 2000 years and is famed for its numerous relics. It is the cradle of the Longshan Relics Culture, the reputed prehistoric culture of China and is found in Longshan Town of Jinan, hence the name. In the area of Jinan, you will find far more than you would expect, the ancient Great Wall of the Qi State (a state of the Zhou Dynasty (770B.C. _ 221B.C.)), the colored sculptures of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) in the Lingyan Temple and so on.

Jinan is the home of Lu Cai (Shandong cuisine), a popular cuisine of China.

The unique tourist souvenirs available in Jinan include Ejiao, Black Pottery, Lu Embroidery and Wooden-Fish wares.

Jinan is the right place to see some very typical festivals including The Lantern Festival in the Baotu Spring Park, the Lotus Festival in the Daming Lake Park and the Double-Nine Festival on the Thousand-Buddha Mountain.

Jinan is a hospitable city and receives tourists from all over the world. Marco Polo once visited Jinan and left words of praise to this city. The Baotu Spring, Daming Lake and the Thousand Buddha Mountain decorate Jinan as a Garden City.

Compared with those capital cities, or other large and medium-size cities in China, Jinan has few advantages and lacks a metropolitan atmosphere, the highlight being its numerous springs. Some people say Jinan's glamour is not merely its enticing natural beauty, but more the warmth of the Jinan people. The beauty of nature is thin and weak, but the beauty that comes from people will last forever.


Confucius Family Mansion 孔府

Confucius Forest 孔林

Confucius Temple 孔庙

Mencius Family Mansion 孟府

Mencius Temple 孟庙Xinglong Tower 兴隆塔Weishan Lake 微山湖the Grand Canal 大运河....够了不


济宁市位于鲁西南地区,山东省的西南部,现辖2市辖区(市中 任城)、3县级市(曲阜 兖州 邹城)、7县(微山 鱼台 金乡 嘉祥 汶上 泗水 梁山)。面积11000平方公里,人口811万,东部是山区,中西部是平原、洼地和湖泊,河流纵横交错,交通十分方便,京杭大运河和京沪铁路、京九铁路纵贯南北,兖石铁路和济新铁路横穿东西,日东高速与京福高速贯穿全境,又是104国道和327国道的交汇处,济宁机场已经开通了济宁至北京、广州、上海、济南、青岛等多条航线,济宁市通讯设备先进,全市已实现了程控电话联网,可直拨世界各地。












































建设产业发达新济宁。加快推进经济战略转型,构建以高新技术产业为先导,先进制造业和现代服务业为支撑,现代农业为基础的科学合理的产业格局,走出资源型城市创新发展之路、可持续发展之路和环境友好之路。争取用五年多一点的时间,实现地区生产总值和地方财政收入“双翻番”,单位GDP能耗力争年均降低5%,三次产业比例调整为8┱55┱37,煤电产业增加值占工业增加值的比重调整到35%以下,制造业占规模以上工业比重达到60%,高新技术产业比重达到40%,实现区域竞争力和综合实力明显提升。 建设城乡秀美新济宁。加快构筑以中心城市为龙头、组团布局为特色、优势产业为支撑的城镇体系,全市城市化水平达到50%,都市区一体化取得实质进展,中心城区建成区达到100平方公里,县城和小城镇建设水平全面提升,新农村建设取得新成效。努力实现全国文明城市、国家卫生城市、国家园林城市、国家环保模范城市、全国双拥模范城“五城同创”目标。建设文化繁荣新济宁。充分发挥先进思想文化引领作用,整合、发掘丰富的传统文化资源,努力实现由文化资源大市向文化名市的跨越,文化综合实力和竞争力进入全省全国先进行列。建设民生殷实新济宁。城乡居民生活质量明显改善,幸福指数不断提高。全市城镇居民人均可支配收入和农民人均纯收入分别达到1.8万元和7000元,城镇登记失业率控制在4%以内,社会保障体系健全,多数县市区和城镇达到小康社会的主要指标要求。建设社会和谐新济宁。民主法制建设稳步推进,公平正义得到切实维护。各项社会事业全面发展,市民素质不断提高。社会更加安定有序,人民群众安居乐业,和谐社会建设走在全省前列。








山东: Jinan, the capital city of Shandong since Ming dynasty, renowned for its 72 Famous Springs. Baotu Spring, a culturally significant artesian karst spring, declared as "Number One Spring under the Heaven" (天下第一泉) by the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qian Long. Daming Lake, the largest lake in Jinan, whose water is from the springs of the area. Marco Polo described its beauty in his works. Thousand Buddha Mountain, renowned for its numerous Buddha images which have been carved out of the hill's rock faces or free-standing structures erect since the times of the Sui Dynasty and its Xingguochan Temple. Lingyan Temple, one of the 4 most famous temples(四大名刹) in Tang dynasty, in which there are 11th century Pizhi Pagoda and the Thousand Buddha Hall which houses a Ming Dynasty bronze Buddha statue as well as 40 painted clay statues of life-size luohan from the Song Dynasty. remant of Great Wall of Qi, the oldest existing Great Wall in China, which is built in 685 BCE and stretches from Jinan to Qingdao. Penglai, a town on the north of the Shandong peninsula famed in Taoism. Qingdao, beach resort city on the south of the peninsula famous for its Tsingtao beer Ba Da Guan, made up of eight streets named after the eight great military forts of the ancient times. Zhan Qiao, a long strip pier stretches into the sea and was the first wharf at Qingdao. Laoshan, a scenic area and Daoist centre to the east of Qingdao. Qingzhou, an ancient trading and administrative centre with some famous archaeological discoveries. Weihai, a former British port city important in the second Sino-Japanese War. World Heritage Sites: Temple and Cemetery of Confucius, and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu Tai Shan, sacred mountain, in Tai'an 青岛: Little Qingdao Isle (小青岛) Tian Hou Temple (天后宫), Qingdao Folk Museum Ba Da Guan (Eight Great Passes, 八大关), the older area of town with some surviving German and Japanese architecture. Lu Xun Park, named after Lu Xun (鲁迅), a famous modern Chinese writer and critic, who lived and taught in 1930s. Zhongshan Park, named after the style name 'Zhongshan' of Sun Zhongshan (孙文,字中山), a famous modern Chinese politician. Xiao Yu Shan (Little Fish Hill, 小鱼山) Qingdao Botanical Garden Qingdao Zoological Garden The twin-spired St Michael's Cathedral, (天主教堂), one piece of the famous Neo-romanesque architecture in Qingdao, designed by German architect Alfred Frbel, completed in 1934 [9] Flower-floor (花石楼), the place for previous German governors to fish, hunt or rest. Qingdao Underwater World, Qingdao Aquarium Jiaozhou Governor's Hall (提督府), office building of former German governors [Gouverneurspalast] and former municipal Guest House, a classic German Castle Signal Hill (信号山) Astronomical Observatory Hill (观象山) Tuan Dao Shan|Tuan Dao Shan (Dumpling Peninsula Hill, 团岛山) Underground World of Chinese Mythology, life-size figures and groups depicting scenes from the Chinese mythology. The Protestant Church(基督教堂) Qingdao Bathing Beaches, there are 6 well-known beaches with complete facilities.



Confucius Temple

Qufu, the Oriental Holy City, is a famous city best known as the hometown of Confucius (551-479BC), a famous philosopher, educator, and the creator of Confucianism in ancient China. The city is also the birthplace of another great thinker and educator Mencius (372-289BC). Therefore, Qufu is listed as one of China's first group of historical cultural cities.

Situated in the southwest of Shandong Province and near Taishan Mountain in the north, Qufu has fertile land and rich products. The city was the settlement center for ancient Eastern Yi tribe, and a major site of Dawenkou and Longshan cultures. Confucius was born in Nishan, which is 30 kilometers southeast of Qufu City, and spent many years in Qufu giving lectures on his ideology, accompanied by his disciples and followers. A year after Confucius' death, many believers flocked to Qufu to listen to Confucius' disciples explain the doctrine, and the Duke Ai of Lu ordered the philosopher's home to be turned into a temple.

Qufu is world renowned for its long history, advanced culture, rich cultural relics and grand ancient architecture. There are more than 300 cultural protection units, and 112 key cultural relics preservation units. Among them, the Confucius Temple, Confucian Grove and Confucian Mansion are the most famous, listed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1994.


 导游考试导游词:山东碧霞祠英语导游词The city of Taian, is 150 meters above sea level. Most of the principal scenic spots and historical remains are clustered along an axis extending from the city to the top of the mountain. They are the result of a long historical Process, and are ingeniously placed in order to take advantage of the surrounding topography.Chinese mythology has it that Mt.Tai was formed from the head of PanGu, one of chinese creators.His four limbs Formed another four mountains. These five mountains are located in the East, West,South,North and the center of China. Mount Tai in the East is the one that is generally the most admired.The Azure Cloud Temple is the best preserved old structure on Mt.Taishan, which still retains the style and appearance of the Ming an Qing dynasties. Its importance rests with its Good combination of architecture, painting, carving and forest, an illustration of ancient Cinenese culture. It has a building area of 3900 square meters. According to records,it wasFirst built in 1009 of the Song Dynasty, and rebuilt in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Now it is a large ancient complex on the top of Mt. taishan.The Azure Cloud Temple consists of 12 large structures, such as the Main Hall, the Annexed Hall,the joss stick Hall, the Main Gate, the imperial Stele Pavillion, the Bell Tower and The Sacred Gate. The temple is divided by the main gate into two courtyards. The front counrtyard has three gates. On the Soouth Sacred Gate stand three dancing and singing roomsOver a fire floor where pilgrims burn Joss sticks. Facing the gate is a screen wall, inscribed four Chinese characters 万代瞻仰 meaning admiration by generations. Two annexed rooms extend notyhward to connect the East Sacred Gate and the West sacred Gate.The main gate is the bound between the front courtyard and the rear courtyard. Inside the gate is the principal part of the Azyre Cloud Temple. In the center of the courtyard is the Joss stick pavilion, where enshrined is a bronze figurine of the aupreme Lord. On either side of the pavilion stands a huge stele. Besides the Azure Cloud Tem;le itself, the Buddha’s Halo is another miraculous phenomenon. Of the 128 historical sites under preservation on Mt. Taishan, the Azure Cloud Temple is the most important one.A common saying goes that a mountain will be intelligent if there lives an immortal, no matter how high it is. Mt. Taishan is not only high but also intelligent. Rising abruptly and imposingly1545 meters above sea level from a vast plain, Mt. Taishan became the holy land where emperors of different dynasties made their personal pilgrimages and held ssacrificiall ceremonies. StandjingOn the top of Mt. Taishan, the Azure Cloud Temple, the chief place where sacrificial ceremonies were made, is the highlight attraction on Mt.Taishan. If you are tired you can have a rest here or take photos. mind you, in 5 minutes. who know the origin of BaoTu Spring, please think it over and I will tell you the reason after 5 minutes. Thank you.


Very beautiful one Qing Dao City city , its scenery are graceful , the environment is comfortable , person , we is proud by self city as Qingdao. The Qingdao traffic is crowded comparatively, but goes to the lavatory very much, the public transit automobile reaches island city everywhere directly. There is a lot of places of historic interest , tourist attraction , Bi Ru in Qingdao: Zhong Shan City park , May 4th public square , landing stage, ... The Qingdao fine food is also very famous , snack having a lot of delicious food, beer and seafood are most famous. This be my hometown , my Heaven! I love her , Qingdao!

英文介绍烟台旅游景点 山东著名景点英文介绍

The element has "the world fairyland" name Penglai, is the nationallevel scenery scenic spot area and the provincial level historicalcity. The Penglai old name ascends the state, in the history the personoutstanding earth deities, the civil official military commandercelebrity pours forth, because Martial emperor of Han dynasty Yucilooks in the sea the Penglai mountain to acquire fame. Penglai also isthe emerging modernization port city. The Penglai port old nameascends the state port, when the Tang Dynasty on with Quanzhou,Yangchow and hands over the wave (namely Ningbo) and is called theChinese four big ancient ports, the modern times is China one of fourbig foreign trading ports. Penglai also is well-known the Chinese and foreign Binhai touristattraction. Has "mirage" the marvelous sight and "the Eight Immortalscross ocean" the beautiful fable, in Shandong Province "the Confucian,Dai, the immortal, the sea" in four big traveling resources system,Penglai monopolizes according to the immortal, the sea gathers asuperiority. Here historical culture accumulates richly, the PenglaiChinese style pavilion, Penglai Shui Cheng, Qi memorial arch, is acountry level of cultural relic preservation organ.




The beauty of Yantai harbour

I stared into a boundless sea of Dalian, also watched to go forward with great strength and vigour of Weihai harbour, but, let me the most impressive is the visit of Yantai harbour. The roaring waves of the sea, the mysterious submarine, a cool gentle breeze, makes me quite a new experience. The summer of 2012, I and my mother went to the beautiful scenery of the Yantai sea.



所以在这里的名字叫“金沙滩” 。林木绿化地带,有丰富的海滩环境很多,起到了固沙的功能。尤其是在每年4月,森林槐花赛马公开赛,空气中弥漫着甜蜜花香Qinrenxinpi ,谁放弃了森林花香气喝醉。在夏季,这里是一个欢乐的海洋,这一休闲,度假,游泳无数游客。

金沙滩海滨公园,国家4A条一级风景名胜区,中国国家旅游度假村。位于烟台经济技术开发区北部。公园是最典型的景观海滩米, 10,000米长的沙滩,和60-180米宽,细砂,金**,大多数地区,缓坡,

被称为“中国北方第一海滩”的世界。夏季水温在25 ℃左右,中国是最好的天然海水浴场。 2002年,国家海洋局已被列为国家重点的海滩,在国家卫生监测网络的沙滩,海水的监测指标已达到标准的一类国家。开放


金沙滩海滨公园,万米海滩沿海岸线, Pohuan有一个明确的头部,细柔沙滩,海水温度在1200年夏季约25摄氏度,是最自然的一个海滩。这里碧波万顷的大海,细柔金色沙滩,茂密的森林,新鲜洁净的空气,

水Xiangyingchengqu遴遢嗯,是一家集游泳,尚静,,休闲,食品纳入一项综合公园。有天气,美丽的景色在春天;水平平静,海上和博科像夏天;波肿了,玉珠在秋季的飞行;胃排空激浪,宏伟的冬天,构成了独特的色彩四季美丽的。 6斌酶

塔拉线开始雕塑,如Dianjingzhibi ,加上迷人的大海。


Dear Tom,

I am Lihua. I heard that you are coming to Yantai. In order to make you not get lost, I will wait for you in the station.

Yantai is really beautiful place. Wind is soft. Beaches are warm. Mountains are tall. It is good to get a bird's-eye view on those tall mountain.

If you like swimming. I suggest you to go to the Golden Beach. You can swim in the sea and enjoy the sun set between the lights. It is enjoyable to do so with your family.

If you like natural beauty. You can go to the Kunyu Mountain. This is a 923metre-mountain. As what I was saying. You can get a bird's-eye view of the natural beauty.

But you need to follow the rules. First, you can't leave your rubbish. You should throw them into the rubbish can. Second, you should be a kind guest. You should smile but not act an angry face all the time. What's more, you should't speak loudly in the public place. That' all.

I am sure you will have a good time in Yantai.




The City of Qingdao

The city of Qingdao lies in the east of Shandong Province. It is famous for its blue sea and beautiful beaches.

Qingdao is a wonderful place for summer holidays. Tens of thousands of people from all parts of the country and all corners of the world come to visit the city every summer. They walk along the beaches, go swimming in the sea or do some shopping in the stores or on the markets. They can seethe fine views of the city. Especially attractive ① are the building groups of the Eastern-and-Western-style②mixed houses and villas③.

Great changes have taken place in Qingdao in the recent years. It has played an important part in the development of the foreign trade of our country. Its port is busy. Ships and vessels ④ from all countries come and go every day. It has become an international port city.


My hometown

I from the Shandong Province Yantai, that am a very beautiful coast city. Has the glorious cultural history, reaches to the sky building, and is Chinese one of ten big charm cities. Not only that there also has Tashan amusement park, the Mt. Nan park, the Penglai Chinese style pavilion and so on many traveling entertainment's scenic spot. is eating aspect Yantai is not inferior, has is well-known the national Yantai apple, the laiyang pear. Also has Zhang Yu's grape wine, that is also widely known. Lives in Yantai, every day looks the deep blue sky, the limpid sea water, is blowing the neat sea breeze is one kind enjoys. I thought that this is also it is evaluated most suits one which of urban the humanity lives not to be able to separate. welcome your momentarily presence Yantai, there is the place which absolutely is worth you going.